Detail of Sea Thiasos. Syria (present day Turkey). 2nd century. The Baltimore Museum of Art


L’Association International
pour l’Étude de la Mosaēque Antique
North American Branch Colloquium

October 6-7, 2017
Baltimore Museum of Art

Tentative Program

Evening of Thursday, October 5

5:00 p.m. – Social Hour at the Walters Art Museum (Cash Bar); more information coming. 
The Museum is open until 9:00.


Morning of Friday October 6

9:00 a.m. – Conference Registration

9:45 –  Welcome of  Colloquium Participants


10:00 – Session I: Antioch Mosaics and a Current Mosaic Exhibition in Malibu

  - Angela Elliott, “Changing Views: Antioch Mosaics at the Baltimore Museum of Art”

  - Clément Tulet, “Transverse Study of Architectural Elements within the Domestic Spaces of Daphne,         



  - Alexis Belis, “Ancient Stones in Modern Times: An Exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum”

10:50 – Questions and Comments


11:00 – Session II: Mosaics and Paintings in Roman Campania

   - John Dobbins, “Beyond the Alexander Mosaic: The Non-Figural Pavements in the House of the Faun at  Pompeii”


  - Anne Laidlaw, “The House of Sallust in 1840: The Aschaffenburg Model in the Pompeianum of King

      Ludwig I”


  - Elaine Gazda and John R. Clarke,  “Exhibition of Wall Paintings from Oplontis, Villa A (“of Poppaea”):
Rediscoveries and Reconstructions of the Oplontis Project”


  - Shana O’Connell, “Making Things Present: Perspective and the Depiction of Objects in Ancient

Pictorial Art”


12:15 – Questions and Comments



12:30 – Lunch Break


Afternoon of Friday October 6


2:00 – Session III: Mosaics of Sicily, North Africa, and Portugal


- Brigitte Steger, “Décor and Meaning: Understanding the Pavements of the Great Hunt Corridor in          

     Piazza Armerina’s Villa del Casale


  - Jeremy  Rossiter, “The Hunt Mosaic from the Maison des Chevaux at Carthage: A Reconsideration”


- Maria de Jesus Duran Kremer, “From the Roman Mosaic to the Portuguese Sidewalk:
Continuity of an  Artistic Expression in Time and Space”


2:50 – Questions and  Comments



3:00 – Session IV, Part 1: Mosaics of Late Antiquity in Both the East and West


  - Kara Burns, “Orpheus, Neoplatonism, and Romanitas


  - Stephanie Hagan, ”Collaborative Reconstruction: Visualizing the Late Antique Basilica of Junius Bassus


  - David Parrish, “Musical Themes in Late Antique Mosaics”


3:50 – Questions and  Comments – Coffee Service



4:05 – Tour of the Antioch Mosaic Collection in the Baltimore Museum of Art


5:00 – Museum Closes for the Day


6:30 – Group Dinner in a Local Baltimore Restaurant




Morning of Saturday October 7


9:00 – Session IV, Part 2:  Mosaics of Late Antiquity in Both the East and West


  - Marie-Patricia Raynaud-Dubois, “Butrint (Albania), Mosaic Workshops and Lost Mosaics”


  - Ivo Topalilov, “Some Notes on Sixth-Century Mosaics from Philippopolis, Thrace”

9:40 – Questions and Comments



9:50 – Session V: Mosaic Conservation


  - Katherine Eremin, Elizabeth LaDuc, and Elizabeth Mollacek, “A Tethys Pavement at Harvard:

    Art Historical and Scientific Analysis"


  - Miguel Angelo Valero, Fernando-Juan Garcia-Diego, and Nuria Huete, “Statistical Tools Applied in the
Characterization and Evaluation of Thermo-Hygrometric Correction Carried Out at the Noheda Archaeological Site”


10:30 – Questions and Comments – Coffee Service



10:50 – Session VI: Mosaics and Painted Decoration of Christian and Jewish Buildings


  - Ruth Kolarik, “Earliest Christian Floor Mosaics”


  - Rafah Juejati, “The Mosaics of a Baptistery in Northwestern Syria”


 - Rebecca Draughton and Jeanne-Marie Sellick, “A New Generation of Religious Studies Scholars
Revisits the Dura-Europos Synagogue”


  - Irina Andreescu Treadgold,”Compositional Principles of the Earliest Mosaics of the Basilica of San

     Marco, Venice”


12:00 – Questions and Comments – Coffee Service


12:30 – Lunch Break




Afternoon of October 7


2:30 –  Keynote Address by Karen Britt, “Mosaics of the Fifth-Century Synagogue at Huqoq, Israel”


3:30 – Questions and Comments – Coffee Service



4:00 – Business Meeting of the North American Branch of AIEMA 



4:30 – Closing Remarks and Adjournment of the Colloquium