Association Internationale pour l'Etude de la Mosaique Antique
AIEMA North America


OCTOBER 21-22, 2011



Friday afternoon, Oct. 21:

2:00-4:30 p.m. – Conference Registration

4:30 – Welcome to the Meeting

Session on Friday afternoon, Oct. 21:  Mosaics and Wall Painting in Italy

4:45 – John Dobbins, “Art, Archaeology, and Advanced Technology: The Case of the Alexander Mosaic at Pompeii”

5:05 - Lea Cline and Regina Gee, “Out of Sync, Out of Time: Challenging Style Chronologies at Villa A,  Oplontis (Torre Annunziata)”

5:25 – David Parrish, “Representations of Children in Roman Mosaics: A Preliminary Investigation”

5:45 – Questions

6:05-7:30 – Reception

Friday evening:

7:30 – Keynote Address by John Clarke:  “Ancient Mosaics: Patronage, Production, Reception”

8:30 – Informal dinner of colloquium participants

1st Session on Saturday morning, Oct. 22: Pavements of Roman North Africa

9:00 a.m. – Rebecca Molholt, “Marble Mosaics: Simulation and Movement”

9:20 – Jeremy Rossiter, “Ad Bestias: The Bull Mosaic in the Roman Villa at Silin, Libya”

9:40 – Questions

2nd Session on Saturday morning: Mosaics of the Roman and Early Byzantine East, Part I

10:00 – Ethan Gruber, “Illuminating Historical Architecture: The House of the Drinking Contest at Antioch”

10:20 – Tracy Cosgriff, Alicia Dissinger, Elizabeth Molacek, Dylan Rogers, “The House of the Boat of Psyches at Antioch: A New Reading via a 3D Digital Model”

10:40 – Questions

11:00 – Coffee break

11:20 – Tour of ancient mosaics at Princeton

12:20 p.m. – Box lunch

1st Session on Saturday afternoon:  Mosaics of the Roman and Early Byzantine East, Part II

1:30 p.m. – Marie-Patricia Raynaud, “Mosaic Workshops in Albania (5th – 6th c.)”

1:50 – Örgü Dalgiç, “On Constantinople’s Floors: The Roman and Late Antique Mosaics”

2:10 – Aliza Steinberg, “Some Observations on Garments and Their Accessories in the Mosaic Art of Eretz Israel in Late Antiquity”

2:30-2:50 – Questions

2nd Session on Saturday afternoon:  Iconography: Varia

2:50 – Sarah Cox, “Adrift at Dinner: An Excursus on Dining and Drinking Occasioned by the Lod Mosaic”

3:10 – Joanne Spurza, “Architectural Re-Use and the Afterlife of Mosaics at Later Ostia: Excavation of the Palazzo
Imperiale, 2010”

3:30-3:50 – Questions

3:50 – Coffee break

3rd Session on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 23:  Mosaics in the Modern Period

4:10 – Lucille Roussin, “Ancient Medium, Modern Message”

4:30 – Ruth Kolarik, “The Tomb of Louis Pasteur, Pasteur Institute, Paris, and Early Byzantine Mosaics”

4:50 – Irene Rousseau, “Hyperbolic Mosaic Sculptures: A Metaphor for the Intellectual Understanding of the Unseen”

5:10 – Questions

5:30-6:30 – Business Meeting and Closure of the Colloquium
N.B.:  Session chairpersons will be announced at the time of the colloquium
Please note that all colloquium participants are asked to pay a registration fee of $40, to cover costs of the colloquium. In addition, speakers and members of the North American Branch of AIEMA are requested to renew their membership or join the association at a cost of $15. Please come prepared to pay in cash.