Minutes of the Business Meeting  of AIEMA North America
October 22, 2011

At the conclusion of the 10th Colloquium of the North American Branch of the Association Internationale pour l’Etude de la Mosaique Antique, President David Parrish called the business meeting  to order.  He asked all conference presenters to send him an abstract of their talks to be compiled into a booklet.
Treasurer, Anna Gonosova, reported that the balance on hand at the beginning of the Colloquium was $775.89 to be supplemented by membership and registration fees paid at the conference.  In order to avoid the many requirements of non-profit organizations’ accounts, she maintains the bank account in her own name.   The financial condition of the organization benefited from the generosity of the Getty Museum which refunded the $1,314.53 paid by the organization for expenses of the last colloquium of the North American Branch, held at Malibu in February, 2007.  Anna has not collected annual dues for the last several years as the organization was not very active.
John Clarke moved that the annual dues be set at $15.  The motion was seconded and passed by acclamation.   David suggested that 2012 dues be paid by the end of 2012, and that the dues paid by attendees of the colloquium be credited to 2012.

He announced that the next international conference will be held in Venice from September 11-15 in 2012, and that more information, presumably including a call for papers, will be forthcoming in early November.  The conference is being organized by Prof. Giordana Trovabene at the University of Ca’ Foscari  and will be held in the auditorium Santa Margherita.  The main theme will be wall and vault mosaics from the beginning to the 8th century.  A secondary theme, new  discoveries, will include mosaics of all types.
David also announced that the publication of the papers from the conference held in Bursa, Turkey in 2009, is expected  by the end of 2011.  The proceedings of the 2005 conference at Conimbriga, Portugal, however, are beset by political and financial problems,  there is currently no projected publication date.
The group decided that the next North American Colloquium would be held in October of 2014, with the location, perhaps in Washington or Baltimore, to be determined.   David will investigate possible venues.
The group voted by acclamation to continue the same officers:  President, David Parrish; Vice-president, Ruth Kolarik;  Treasurer, Anna Gonosova. 
Rebecca Moholt announced that there would be a day-long symposium on mosaics in conjunction with the conservation and reinstallation of some Antioch mosaics on Friday, March 30 at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

David urged members to submit notices of new research, publications and exhibitions to him and/or Ruth Kolarik for inclusion in the association’s Newsletter.
He further suggested that members of the organization undertake a project to create a corpus of mosaics in North American collections.  After discussion, the members agreed that David should draft a form letter to be sent to museums with mosaics in order  to get the project started.
David and the members thanked the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton and Michael Koortbojian in particular,  for their generous hospitality in hosting our colloquium.   The group also expressed thanks to David for organizing a very successful and productive colloquium. 

Respectfully submitted,
Ruth Kolarik